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RSC provides software engineering services to the publishing, document management, and other information-based industries.

Using COTS and custom software and an efficient methodology we tackle difficult projects with complex requirements and short deadlines. We solve unusual problems, often where others have failed.

Our clients benefit from the best return in the industry on their information systems investment.

About Us

RSC has a reputation for providing rapid, sophisticated, high quality solutions in the publishing and information industries. For twenty years RSC has provided its exclusive and limited list of clients with competitive advantage born of thoroughbred solutions.

RSC is located in the technology center of Tyson's Corner, Virginia, a part of the Washington, DC metro area. We retain a select group of only the most effective and experienced engineering staff; all of them veterans of many years of experience in our specialties. We are proud of a productivity and time-to-market track record that is second to none.

We believe that a small group of superior engineers working within an adaptive, agile methodology provides for reduced risk and very high project accuracy. Our engineering staff are masters of the continuous reinvention that is required to stay abreast of the rapidly evolving techniques of modern information delivery.

Our experience, powerful tools and dedication to high engineering standards supports accurate time and dollar estimates and a working solution every time. We promise project success and total satisfaction.

Client References

RSC maintains a policy of strict confidentiality in all client matters.

During the past twenty years we have satisfied well over one hundred customers throughout North America and in Europe. Many of our customers come to us through direct referrals from those who have worked with us in the past.

We do a significant amount of repeat business with our clientele. Our base of loyal customers proves the quality of our service. Should your due diligence require us to provide explicit references, we will respond accordingly once we understand your business and your needs. We will only provide such customer references as satisfy our criteria for discretion.

Content Conversion

RSC provides fast, accurate content conversion service. We rely upon an especially data-driven and iterative approach to rapidly come up to speed on customer conversion specifications.

We have:

Content Management

RSC understands the route to effective content management. We are experienced in the leading COTS applications and we also offer our own content management solution Tractare™. Built upon an open source foundation and incorporating the tools and integration logic we have developed over the years, Tractare™ is a cost effective and extensible content management framework.

We have demonstrated expertise in all of the integration steps involved in a content management project and, most importantly, we bring the judgment and prudence that will assure the longevity of your new system.

Our industry experience lets us speak to editorial and production staff in their own language and lets us lay out the technical options in a way that supports educated decisions by non-technical leadership. in all interactions, we are exceptionally diligent in managing risk and expectation, as we feel that these are critical elements of project success.

Cool Stuff

Every good programmer has a tool box with bits of code used to enhance productivity or to help analyze poorly understood data. We asked our engineers to contribute a few of their favorites. The below are examples of a large suite of time-saving, accuracy-increasing snippets of the type of software that can only be developed from experience. These downloads are free to use at your own risk. We hope that they prove useful in your work whether as is or extended according to your needs.

JAVA GoogleAPI XML Conversion Class A JAVA servlet and companion support classes to interact with the Google search engine though the Google API, convert the results of a Google API search into XML and render the results into HTML using an XSL/T script

JAVA XML Hierarchy Analysis Program Like the Omnimark counterpart, this program is useful for analyzing XML data (either valid or well-formed) that is not well understood. It provides information on the actual elements and element combinations that occur in the data, rather than all element combinations

JAVA Image Formatting Servlet This servlet takes a referenced image and resizes it according to the indicated width and height parameters. Options allow for either maintaining scale or stretching the image.

XSL/T Line wrapping script. This handy XSL/T script is used to wrap XML text data into lines of user-specified length and with user specified first line and block indents. It uses XSL/T recursion to locate word boundaries and does not rely on any extension functions.

With a powerful API and a rich event-driven language devoted to XML parsing and transformation, Omnimark is the first and still the most powerful SGML/XML engine ever made. Retrieval Systems is proud to be an Omnimark partner.

Omnimark String Similarity Analyzer. A term vector analysis module that can compute the similarity between two text strings and a driver program that demonstrates its use.

Omnimark XML & SGML Hierarchy Analysis Program Suite. (zip) also in (tar): This program suite is useful for analyzing a DTD and/or SGML data that is not well understood. It provides statistical and contextual information on the elements that occur in a given instance.

SGML & XML Formatting These programs will "pretty-print" and normalize an SGML or XML instance just like an IDE will display code in a well-organized and readable fashion. Very useful for data analysis.

Shelf Ordering Functions Prior to Version 6, Omnimark had no universally accessible sort methods. This set of macros and functions allows shelves of streams, switches, and counters to be maintained in sorted order.

Document Assembly

RSC has twenty years of document assembly experience. We have created solutions for law firms, publishers, accountants and help desk providers.

We are skilled at the configuration and setup of leading COTS products as well as the development of customs systems based upon the latest XML technologies.

Our DTD development and data conversion experience compliment our approach to document assembly problems when systems modernization efforts demand the re-engineering of document component content.

Interactive Forms

RSC has full command of interactive forms technology. Active in this specialty for twelve years, RSC has a track record of rapid development and deployment of various government and commercial interactive forms solutions.

Whether you need stand alone forms fully validated by accepting agencies or specialty forms products that work with customer databases, RSC's experience in this specialty will reduce risk and increase ROI in your project.

RSC also has done wholesale re-implementations of forms products, replacing obsolete technologies with modern and extensible XML solutions.

Knowledge Management

RSC delivers advanced technology for the solution of the most sophisticated text-based knowledge management problems.

We offer experience capturing and preserving documents, mining text data for topical information, managing connections and taxonomies, and the portal technologies that allow information to be delivered to decision makers.


Legacy Applications Migration

RSC is the information executive's secret weapon when a legacy application simply has to be replaced. We have migrated dozens of legacy applications, often under severe time pressure.

Is your system so old that no one remembers who built it? Lost the source code? Is it so out of date that it is impossible to find programming talent who can work with it? These are all problems that RSC can overcome.

Along the way we will be sure your new system steps forward in a way that is congruent with how your organization works. Your new system will conform to modern standards and software engineering principles and will be implemented in a way that minimizes disruption to your business.

We know how to change the wheels on a moving bus!


Just as we strive to use the appropriate software tools for a job, we are pragmatic about our choice of software development methodologies. We adapt to the management and development approaches of clients. Our engineers are comfortable working within a CMMI methodolgy. When the choice is left to us, we recommend an Agile Development approach. We act on the idea that the keys to a successful project are ample and clear communication of expectations, requirements, risks, progress, and costs.

We pride ourselves on bringing a constructive, collaborative approach to our work. Our experience shows that successful projects are the result of good decision making on the part of all parties involved.

Products and Services

RSC offers a full suite of professional services adressing content management and systems engineering problems in the information industry.

These include:

We also offer Tractare™, an extremely cost-effective and extensible content management system built upon a open-source foundation and incorporating many years of experience and tool development.

XML Topic Maps

RSC is an industry leader in XML Topic Maps. We have been involved in the evolution of this standard since its first release and remain contributors to the XTM standards community. We have completed some of the biggest projects attempted in this field.

Web Applications

We are leaders in Web 2.0 tools and approaches.

Through continuous professional education, RSC stays abreast of the most modern web design and development approaches. We are skilled in the latest developments in site building technologies like PHP, Ajax, and Ruby on Rails. We know the Google API and other federated web technologies. These up-to-date skills reduce expense and time to market for even the most complex site engineering problems.

We are skilled in Java, J2EE, ESB, servlets, Active X and every variety of server technology from Apache to IIS.

The combination of a pragmatic development philosophy and a reliance upon powerful tools has allowed us to provide truly elegant, reliable and low-maintenance architectures for our clients.